Turn Up video by Prisha Shrestha

These days we are lots of growing talent. Even we can see lots of children around who is very talent and they are successes. Internet is playing vital role for the development of self-esteem and it is like a platform where someone can explore their talent there. Here is the video on YouTube where you can hear an English song “Turn Up” which is been performed by 8 years old Nepali girl. She is Nepali who is born and raised in Washingston-America. She was born on July 20, 2008.

She is recently busy on making her first album. Her song is related to the children entertaining song. In this song you can see the smile, happiness and it is giving a message where you should be happy on life. Her song has the use of first electric music. Enniemeanie wrote the lyrics of this song where Jyoti Shrestha composed the music of this song and it is been produced by Shreejana Uprety and directed by Jyoti Shrestha.

This song is very entertaining where you can see how the childrens are enjoying the song by dancing and singing. Actually you need to live the life to its fullest which is shown in this song.