Tyo Jhil Jhil Sitara video by Keshav Lama

When any boy likes a girl he tries to get her anyway, he starts to flirt with her saying that she is so beautiful and he makes her feel like she is the most beautiful girl in that world.

Girl feels it beautiful and she starts to fall in love with that boy thinking that he likes her and she is the one for him. Boy does a lot to impress her, he does everything on her favor as he don’t want her to get away from him as he don’t want to lose her in any way.

Here in this song “Tyo Jhil Jhil Sitara” the boy is trying to impress the girl praising her all the way and the girl is happy with that. Dipak Sharma seems like he is in love with a beautiful girl as he is trying to express his feeling through the lyrics as he wrote it and the music is also composed by him.

ASHISMA NAKARMI and GAMVIR BISTA are the main models of this song as they are carrying the theme of this song and the cinematography of this song is done by Shivaram Shrestha, Subrat Acharya directed this video as he is assisted by Jaya sharma and it is edited by Bharat Regmi. This song is very entertaining that is based on young generation.