Unlocking a car with a coat h@*nger

It is a very common mistake for people to get their keys lo)cked up inside their car. Once you do so, you will have to call a lock smith and spend a of of money to get the car open.

A video was uploaded on YouTube titled as ‘How to Unlock Your Car Using a Coat [email protected]’ by ‘IamRafe’. In the video the man shows how to open a car with the help of a coat [email protected] The video has almost million views.

In the video the man describes that he forgot his car keys inside his car and he is also not able to find the spare keys. He then says that he will have to call a lock smith but instead be looked up some videos on YouTube about how to open a car without keys. He also adds that his car is very old modeled and this method might not work in the new version cars.

He takes a [email protected] which has been separated at the joint and the bends have been left as it is. He then takes the other bent tip and starts to insert it in through the window of the car. As he inserts it he tries to push the lock in inside the car so that it pops up. He does a couple of tries and in just a few seconds the car opens. At the end he says that he will not be keeping anything valuable in his car from now on.