Video shows leopard being playful with an impala

At a game reserve a very sh)cking scenario was seen when a leopard appeared to adopt a baby impala. The impala has lost its mother.

The footage of the two creatures resting together was captured by a tourist to the Greater Kruger National Park in South Africa. At first it seemed as if the impala was not going to survive as the big cat charges at the defenseless baby. But the leopard stops short of attacking. It rather appears to play with the young animal. Before setting down in the long grass, the two run around with each other. The $h)cked tourist on the other hand continues to film.

As the impala stands over the predator, the video concludes with the leopard taking a rest alongside the baby. The video has thousand of views on the internet and is going viral. But with time the big cat gets very aggressive and starts to play in a very painful way.