Video with 1 Crore 50 Lakh views

This is an episode oh program Super k!*ll*ng Machine which is aired on National Geography. This is program based on animal kingdom. How they are adapted to the environment and what they do to survive. This program is especially about the predators. How they are equipped with nature made [email protected]*n$ and how they function. It’s obviously a very interesting thing as we humans are very curious to know about what happening.

This video is about lions and more. This video has 1 Crore 50 Lakh views. That is not less . It is amazing how people are so interested in these kinds of things. The video has a graphics which some viewers may find disturbing to watch. It has natural k!*ll*ng and bl0*0d.
This video all over is based on the aim to show the strongest predators and their hu*ting ideologies. They explain about how they hu*nt. Their natural [email protected]*n$ and other interesting things.