Woman iPhone films

It is said that giving birth to any baby is the most painful thing in this world. Women gets so much pain while delivery.

When it comes to normal delivery women face problem for certain time and she give birth but when it comes to an operation she should undergo through various others problems. What type of operation it could be every people with the help of anesthesia goes to unconscious mood. No one can tolerate the operating in a normal mood. But here in this video you can find something $h*cking and you would be curious and you might not believe it as well.

Here in the video you can see a footage that is heart warming, here is the footage of c-section of an women. And the most shocking things is that the women filmed her own c-section on her iPhone. She is a women named Jacqueline from Sydney and she has filmed her entire c-section on her iPhone and the delicate moment of the baby girl’s birth was captured on it as this clip. She is been praised for sharing this moment as she shared this footage on Facebook.

She has become the women who is the inspiration of bravery as she is capable of performing multi task work in any situation. Here is such a terrific video that will make you stare on it.