Wrong Medication Given To Patient

Everyone thinks that the hospital is somewhere they will get a new life. They trust the hospital and the doctors and thinks whatever they say or do with them is right. They has the trust and faith with hospital and the teams. In Nepal the medication is very expensive that not a normal poor people could afford this facility. But for them there are some of the government where they could afford for the treatment.

So here one of the women who is from the poor family reached to Bir Hospital which is one of the old hospital of Nepal. She went there with the health problem. She did test as well and for further procedure she was on that hospital. But the doctors got so careless that they started her medication on the basis of other’s medical report. They viewed another patient medical report. she was the victim of one disease but the medication was given of another disease.
The patient trusted the doctor and thought they were doing right but she was not being cured but she was affected more. And now even after knowing all this incident the hospital is still silent. They are doing nothing about this careless or this case.